ATCM – Who We Are

The Association of Tanks and Cistern Manufacturers evolved in 1993 from the Plastic Tank and Cistern Manufacturers Association, previously established in 1969, to promote the design and manufacture of water storage and other tank products of the highest quality, encompassing the broadening scope of modern manufacturing techniques and the materials being adopted within the water, building and chemical industries.

ATCM Members provide quality products and services.

ATCM Objectives

  • Objective 1 –  The primary objective of the Association is to promote co-operation between member companies in the common interest of achieving the highest standard of quality in the production of tanks and cisterns.
  • Objective 2 – To provide guidance to tank and cistern users in appropriate product selection and application, advise availability of standard sizes, methods of installation, commissioning procedures and on the design, selection and application of ancillary regulatory equipment.
  • Objective 3 – Facilitate co-operation between members of the association and provide a channel for the exchange of technical views and application.
  • Objective 4 – To be proactive in the development and publication of national and international product standards.
  • Objective 5 – To act on behalf of members when making representations to, and negotiating with, government and regulatory authorities.
  • Objective 6 – To promote and extend the product user in any part of the world.

Code of Practice

The Association of Tank and Cistern Manufacturers are a premier group of producers whose aim is to promote and extend the user and understanding of the products of the industry whilst ensuring they confirm to the highest possible performance and quality standards.

Click here to view the details of the ATCM Code of Practice.

Meet Our Team

Please find below the Association’s current Chairman and Deputy Chairman

Neil Weston
Neil WestonATCM Chairman
Appointed Chairman of ATCM in 2018.
Worked in this field of Tank & Float Manufacturing for over 20 years.
Norman Ross
Norman RossATCM Deputy Chairman
30 years of experience in the composite manufacture and specifically the water tank market primarily based in the sales arena and whilst originating from Glasgow now located in Surrey England. Norman has been involved in one capacity or another as a member of the ATCM for over 20 years now and holds the principles of Service, Quality and People as the fundamentals for success which coincide with the values of the association and our drive for setting standards to be held as the model for excellence all around the world.

I’m proud to chairman of the ATCM an association which is determined to raise industry standards and awareness of the issues of storing water safely without contamination, water after all is one of the world’s most precious resources.


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