Domestic / Household Applications

Cold water storage cisterns and oil tanks for domestic applications are primarily manufactured in thermoplastic material.

Tanks and cisterns available from 20 L to 800 L capacities.

Image of a Black Water Polytank
Image of two green plastic water tanks on stilt platforms

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Tanks manufactured in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or metal materials satisfy the greater demands of water storage in this sector.

One Piece Cisterns of capacities from 20 L to 25,000 L and Sectional Tanks from 1,000 L to 1,000,000 L and greater are available.

Image of two green plastic water tanks

Chemical Tanks

Specialist chemical storage tanks manufactured from suitably selected materials are also available from ATCM members.

Image of one large external cylinder water steel tank


ATCM member companies are able to place their experience and expertise before British, European and international standards committees and participate in these committees via their recognised trade association.

Member companies manufacture and supply cisterns and tanks to the following national and European Standards.

Thermoplastic one piece cisterns and tanks to BS 4213 : 2004 and BS EN 12573 – 1 : 2000.

GRP one piece and sectional cisterns and tanks to BS EN 13280 : 2001

Pressed steel sectional rectangular tanks to BS 1564 : 1975.

Image of ATCM Product Types table

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