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Membership We are delighted to announce that the Association of Tank and Cistern Manufacturers is now a member of CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers). Find out more about CIPHE by clicking here

A Guidance Statement on Cistern and Tank Maintenance

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A Cistern or Tank used for potable water storage within England and Wales requires compliance with the requirements of Schedule 2, Section 16 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.  Similar Regulations also apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. A Water Tank installed in commercial, industrial and institutional [...]

Replace or Refurbish a Water Tank?

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A considered opinion from the ATCM Complete replacement is the most appropriate and positive resolve for a tank that is not structurally sound. A tank requiring repair and considered to be of sound construction could be refurbished by the installation of a Butyl lining. For tanks with heavily corroded internal and [...]

ATCM Group Sectional Tank Specification

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GRP Sectional Tanks shall meet the requirements of BS EN 13280:2001 "Glass fibre reinforced plastic cisterns for cold water storage". The tank, together with its components shall be WRAS approved. The tank offered by the supplier shall be WRAS approved but where the purchaser requires variations to the specification offered which makes [...]

Important Notes – Sectional Tanks

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Essential information for the Site Engineer aimed at assisting the planning of a project and to anticipate and avoid potential on-site problems Sectional Tanks THE FOLLOWING ARE THE CUSTOMERS’ RESPONSIBILITY (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the supplier) Off Loading: at the nearest point of hard standing – [...]

Type AB Air Gaps

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Type AB Air Gaps - Practical Examples This article is aimed at clarifying regulation requirements of Type ‘AB’ Air Gaps and the new thinking by the Water Companies in their practical application. The Regulations are quite specific, a type ‘AB’ Air Gap is, by definition is unrestricted. i.e. No Screening of [...]

Tank Level Switches

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Tank Level Switches and all that Jazz! As greater monitoring and sophistication becomes a normal requirement of ‘building management systems’ so also does this lead to tanks and cisterns being fitted out with a wide variety equipment items. The problem generally is not only how to install them, but where. As [...]

Sparge Pipes

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Sparge Pipes - Their Ins and Outs A Sparge Pipe - a device used to achieve optimum circulation of water stored within a tank or cistern. Its application is generally reserved for installations where space around a tank is restricted. Reasonable access to the tank side directly opposite the Mains Inlet [...]

Vortex Inhibitors

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Vortex Inhibitors - What are they and who needs them? As the name suggests this specialised pipefitting prevents initiation of vortices within a tank when the contained liquid is being extracted and assists in maximizing, effective tank capacity. How does it work? Like most effective things in [...]

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