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Please find below ATCM Technical guides providing advice as to the design requirements of tanks and cisterns. You can use the search bar below.

Tank Level Switches

Tank Level Switches and all that Jazz! As greater monitoring and sophistication becomes a normal requirement of ‘building management systems’ so also does this lead to tanks and cisterns being fitted [...]

Sparge Pipes

Sparge Pipes - Their Ins and Outs A Sparge Pipe - a device used to achieve optimum circulation of water stored within a tank or cistern. Its application is generally reserved [...]

Vortex Inhibitors

Vortex Inhibitors - What are they and who needs them? As the name suggests this specialised pipefitting prevents initiation of vortices within a tank when the contained liquid is being [...]


Fundamentals and practical guidance Failure to control corrosion can lead to: increased costs reduced safety negative environmental impact 25% of all corrosion problems could be prevented by easily using well-established techniques. [...]

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